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TOP INNOVATIVE PRODUCT NOMINEES INNOVATIVE PRODUCT zvelo zvelo IoT Security Platform zvelo IoT Security Platform's zENSOR can be integrated into embedded designs and gateways, enabling IoT device discovery, profiling & threat detection. This module enables agentless discovery of IoT devices and monitoring. zvelo's hardware-agnostic software sensor observes unique behavioral fingerprints (MAC, OS, user-agents) and traffic patterns (DNS queries, API calls, etc.) for all network-connected devices. The zvelo IoT Security Platform solves the industry challenge of securing myriad IoT devices that otherwise lack effective built-in security. It does so through (highly scalable) agentless device discovery and monitoring. https://zvelo.com/solutions/iot-security/ www.embedded-computing.com/p374630 Wind River Wind River Titanium Control Titanium Control is an IIoT software platform based on open source components. Its 3-layer decoupling model reduces the risk of vendor lock-in and enables engineers to focus on core competency vs. supporting infrastructure. Accelerated virtual switch enables more high-availability virtual services to run w/ fewer cores (lower hardware costs). We deliver deterministic interrupt latency of average 3µs for time-critical industrial applications. Product delivered as a single pre-integrated image and provides a reliable easy to deploy platform which lowers overhead for installation, operations, maintenance. Feature upgrades keep systems up-to-date/no service downtime. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3rRQORvKOg http://www.windriver.com/products/titanium-control/ www.embedded-computing.com/p374629 SparkCognition Darwin ™ Darwin ™ is a machine learning platform that automates the complete data science process enabling embedded/IoT engineers with a workbench to design and deploy models faster with no additional expertise or programming required. Darwin automatically selects the most optimal data science techniques and model architectures to solve a particular problem and quickly iterates through thousands of solutions to reach highly accurate results in less time. Darwin uses a patented approach that blends evolution and backpropagation optimizations to replicate the mind of data scientist and make AI explainable by adding more context within generated solutions and predictions. https://www.sparkcognition.com/darwin/ www.embedded-computing.com/p374628 Renesas Electronics Renesas Synergy ™ AE-CLOUD1 Kit with Enterprise Cloud Toolbox v1.1 The Renesas Synergy ™ AE-CLOUD1 kit offers the hardware, connectivity, and software developers need to quickly connect applications securely to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and other clouds. Used with Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox software, the kit simplifies chip-to-cloud IoT connectivity. Unlike other kits, the software can be cut/paste into real projects, enabling code reuse to accelerate development. The kit enables Synergy users to quickly/easily connect their applications to enterprise cloud vendors and evaluate wireless connectivity without cumbersome licensing fees, saving engineers weeks/months on their build time. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izgXy7yiJrQ http://bit.ly/RenesasAECLOUD www.embedded-computing.com/p374627 Mentor, A Siemens Business Mentor Embedded IoT Framework The Mentor Embedded IoT Framework is a multi-cloud solution enabling secure IoT architectures by reducing complexity and costs associated with device porting, scaling, and backend integration supporting multi-OSes of choice. The only comparable competitor is Wind (Intel), who announced their platform in Oct. 2017. Mentor briefed industry analysts who concur that our solution is superior, supporting any processor architecture, and is web-agnostic. VDC Research awarded its 2018 EMBEDDY for best software product to Mentor due to its differentiation and business impact, as the industry's first secure, comprehensive, cloud vendor-agnostic embedded software framework. VIDEO: https://www.mentor.com/embedded-software/multimedia/overview/iot-framework- demonstration-18f10b43-1991-4344-9e8c-1eeec3deb170 www.mentor.com/embedded-software/iot-framework www.embedded-computing.com/p374626 www.embedded-computing.com Embedded Computing Design | Summer 2018 29 SOFTWARE SOFTWARE SOFTWARE SOFTWARE

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