UTAC receives accreditation to safety-critical automotive quality standard

November 26, 2019 Tiera Oliver

UTAC Holdings Ltd., a global semiconductor test and assembly services provider, announced that they have been awarded the automotive-related quality standard ISO26262 for their automotive manufacturing  focused facility UTAC Thailand (UTL) in Bangkok.

ISO26262 is an adaption of the industrial safety standard (IEC 61508) that relates to electrical and electronic equipment in road vehicles. According to the company, the approach covers all stages of a system's life from concept through design to production and, obsolescence.

The standard defines four automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL) with D being the most stringent. Within the standard, a system is considered to be functionally safe if any random failures, systematic failures and common cause failures do not lead to a malfunction of the safety-relevant system. ISO26262 intends to prevent any injury or fatality to people in the vehicle or other road users.

For more information, please visit: https://www.utacgroup.com/

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