Thales Launches InterSense NavChip Series 3 Precision 6-axis IMU

July 9, 2019 Alix Paultre

Thales announced the availability of its NavChip Series 3, the latest in its family of high-precision Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), with advanced proprietary signal processing. The NavChip Series 3’s environmental ruggedness makes it well-suited for applications such as drone navigation, robotic control, camera/antenna platform stabilization, augmented/virtual reality, aiming and alignment, and GPS/INS integration.

Features include a bias in-run stability of 3º/hr (typical), 5º/hr (max.), and can address applications over the +/- 16 g operating range (other ranges available upon request). Other features include a 1,000 Hz update rate, embedded AHRS, which reduces system complexity, cost and power consumption, and the ability to accept other external inputs such as a magnetometer to enhance the overall systems’ performance.

The NavChip Series 3 is fully factory calibrated for bias, scale factor and misalignment over the full -40 °C to +85 °C operating temperature range, in a small and easily mountable package with low power dissipation. Additional features include a full-scale acceleration range of +/- 16 g, and a full-scale angular rate of 2,000 degrees/sec. Specifications include a gyro bias in-run stability of 3º/hr, 5º/hr (max.); angular random walk of <0.18º/√hr; velocity random walk of <0.3º/√hr and an acceleration noise performance better than 83 µg/√Hz.

Provided in a package measuring 12.5 x 24.4 x 6.1 mm, the 3 g device has a power consumption of 135 mW, and selectable built-in-test (BIT) modes for command and continuous diagnostic monitoring. Multiple output interfaces, including I2C, TTL UART or SPI-compatible provide the designer with exceptional flexibility. The external sync pin can accept optional GPS pulse-per-second or faster synchronization signals. Single supply operation is from 3.25V to 5.5 V.

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