System Selection: Right Size for Your Application

June 6, 2019 Dedicated Computing

Buying generic doesn’t cut it. Why waste your time, energy, and dollars on hardware and software that fits your application as well as the next guy’s? OEMs and ISVs can benefit from deeper conversations and planning sessions with their ODM of choice around their overall platform design. By seeking a purpose-built PC for your application, OEMs can rely on the competitive value of right-sizing for specific performance. Determining the right computer hardware platform for a sophisticated application should be a part of the discussion within the product development process. Lifecycle longevity, system performance, and reliability are essential evaluation criteria. More collaboration on smarter hardware requirements and choices is needed to help OEMs address these unforeseen hardware challenges.

A strategic hardware supplier can help avoid these issues early in the design process, recommend new products ready for smarter customization, or new technologies to consider based on a deeper knowledge of sub-technologies and their progress in the market. As a result, OEMs will be able to meet application-specific needs for the long term, offer cost savings, and improve total cost of ownership (TCO). Learn the six guiding questions ISVs and OEMs should ask when aligning hardware to their application requirements.

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