STMicroelectronics and Arrow Electronics Offer EFI Reference Design Satisfying Small Engines’ New Emission Regulations

July 17, 2019 Laura Dolan

STMicroelectronics and Arrow Electronics launched the SPC5-L9177A-K02 ECU Reference Design for electronic fuel-injection (EFI) to satisfy future emissions regulations for single- and twin-cylinder gasoline engines.

It’s geared toward small engines for motorcycles, scooters, and three wheelers that must meet the demands of upcoming Euro 5, Bharat Stage VI (BSVI), and China IV and beyond, and can also affect generators, nautical engines, and agricultural engines equipped with EFI ECU.

The reference design includes ST’s SPC572L Line 32-bit Power Architecture automotive-powertrain microcontroller and L9177A high-integration IC hosting power supplies, interfaces and load actuators, as well as ST’s STGD18N40 IGBT and L9616 CAN interface IC.    

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