Slim Down Smart Displays with Modular Design

August 22, 2018

Smart displays need to be sleek yet powerful to meet the evolving requirements of signage, kiosks, whiteboards, and more. Applications are becoming more diverse—digital menus, wayfinding services, digital whiteboards, and magic mirrors are just a few examples of smart display trends. On top of this display designs are becoming sleeker, with ultra-thin profiles. Add edge analytics and you can see how high performance, yet module processing power is essential to system development.

To help designers and integrators balance the multiple requirements of modern displays, Intel® developed the Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) specification. Learn how Giada solutions benefits from Intel technology with: 

  • Scalable all-in-one designs
  • Cost-effective implementation and management of Intel based media players
  • Fully integrates with visual IoT applications with a no-housing design
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