Septentrio’s Latest GNSS/INS System Comes in a Rugged Housing

September 13, 2019 Alix Paultre

Septentrio released the AsteRx SBi, a GNSS/INS receiver with a rugged, waterproof enclosure that integrates an industrial-grade inertial sensor to provide accurate and reliable positioning and 3D orientation. Available with either a single or dual antenna, the unit is designed for quick and easy integration into any machine monitoring or control system.

“AsteRx SBi was designed with ease of integration and reliability in mind. Its compact, ruggedized housing is optimized for easy clamping to any machinery,” said Danilo Sabbatini, Product Manager at Septentrio. “It has all the features and tools needed for straightforward integration into machines or large robotic systems.”

Centimeter-level positioning is based on multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS) technology, and a GNSS – IMU integration algorithm enables continuous positioning in environments of low satellite visibility where short GNSS outages are possible.

AsteRx SBi comes with built-in Advanced Interference Mitigation (AIM+) technology, for busy urban environments, providing protection against electromagnetic interference, enabling faster set-up times and ensuring robust continuous operation. A built-in power spectrum plot allows users to analyze interference, help locate its source and mitigate it.

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