Sensory Introduces TrulySecure Sound ID for Identifying Home Sounds

January 9, 2019 Laura Dolan

SANTA CLARA, CA. Sensory has released TrulySecure Sound ID, an always-listening, cloud-free AI helping devices identify and interpret ordinary and crucial sounds within the home, and debate if action needs to be taken, preventing the security risk of sending audio recordings to the cloud.

TrulySecure Sound ID analyses sounds directly on the device, enhancing user privacy. It combines deep learning model training with proprietary discriminant learning on each specific sound profile based on real-world samples. This helps the device decipher discriminate factors when processing those sounds.

TrulySecure Sound ID can recognize the following environmental sounds:

  • glass breaking
  • babies crying
  • dogs barking
  • home security alarms
  • smoke/CO alarms and low-battery warnings
  • doorbells/knocking
  • snoring  

Consumer devices are designed to warn users upon detecting these sounds and sending the owner alerts when they occur, so they can evaluate the situation.

"With so many voice-controlled products entering our homes, we saw an excellent opportunity to enable the microphones in these devices to do more than just listen for wake words and recognize speech," said Todd Mozer, Sensory’s CEO. "With TrulySecure Sound ID, we're making it possible for companies to create smart always-listening products that can alert us of things happening within our homes that we may not hear and safeguard our home and family from potentially dangerous situations."

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