Sectigo and NetObjex Will Work Together to Protect the Edge of IoT

July 19, 2019 Laura Dolan

Sectigo has joined forces with NetObjex for a secure edge computing technology pact, offering businesses and manufacturers a secured, trusted computing infrastructure that ranges from IoT edge devices to the cloud and blockchain.

Their alliance will provide improved security, as companies increase investments in IoT, AI and blockchain. Security features include:

  • Enterprise-grade PKI solution for robust authentication
  • Secure boot for NetObjex’s edge devices
  • Secure firmware updates leveraging signing firmware
  • Secure communication employing mutual authentication

“By collaborating with Sectigo, we can extend our comprehensive platform and offer enhanced security to our enterprise customers,” said NetObjex’s CEO, Raghu Bala. “The growth of edge devices has increased the risk of devastating data breaches. Offering Sectigo’s embedded device hardening technologies and purpose-built third-party certificate issuance and management allows enterprises to protect their important data.”   

“With the growth of IoT and the rising cost of data breaches, enterprises need a secure computing infrastructure more than ever,” said Sectigo’s VP of IoT Solutions, Damon Kachur. “This partnership combines the strengths of Sectigo and NetObjex to deliver a truly robust security infrastructure that addresses an acute need for enterprises.”

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