Renishaw uses Proven LDRA Tool Suite for Functionally Safe Positioning

December 7, 2018 Laura Dolan

Wirral, U.K. – According to LDRARenishaw has certified its RESOLUTE FS optical encoder system to meet level SIL 2 in accordance with IEC 61508-1:2010 by successfully implementing the LDRA tool suite. 

Renishaw engineers were able to demonstrate MISRA C compliance of the re-engineered source code by using the LDRA tool suite, thus proving functional correctness using unit test and analyzing code coverage to uphold testing entirety.

Considering that MISRA guidelines are commonly reduced in the LDRA reporting schema to more succinct explanations, complete with practical violation scenarios, LDRArules helped significantly in understanding the relationship of each individual rule violation, which was reinforced by the detailed explanations in the LDRA documentation.

“In addition to completing the unit tests to demonstrate adherence to the IEC 61508 standard, we were also enthused about the ability to perform regression tests with ease,” said Liz Smith, Renishaw’s Senior Software Engineer. “During development, regression tests allowed us to ensure that new modifications didn’t affect existing functionality and, less obviously, they also gave us the ability to easily confirm that software is functioning in accordance with requirements if problems were to arise.”

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