Renesas Releases RX72T Group, Offering More MCU Options for Servo Control in Industrial Robots

May 16, 2019 Laura Dolan

TOKYO, Japan. Renesas Electronics Corporation released their RX72T Group of 32-bit motor control microcontrollers with dedicated hardware accelerator IP to execute the intricate, high-speed computations required for motor control in robots and other industrial equipment.  

The RX72T MCUs feature assigned accelerator hardware that supports the high-speed position control and speed control calculations essential for integrating servo motor control in compact industrial robots, helping the current control loop calculation function in less than 1.5 µs.

The new RX72T MCUs provide a broad lineup of 5V operation motor control MCUs with superlative software compatibility, making for an easy transition from the new high-end MCUs out to the RX23T (40 MHz), RX24T (80 MHz), and RX66T (160 MHz) MCUs, providing design flexibility within the RX MCU environment. 

“The RX72T Group brings leading performance to our extensive lineup of MCUs optimized for industrial robotics and motor control, with built-in IP, safety and security functions, and advanced control," said Renesas’ VP, Industrial Automation Business Division, Akira Denda. “The new MCU group extends an easy migration path across the RX family that creates new possibilities for extremely low-cost designs in compact industrial robots, and we are excited to accelerate the deployment of these applications to improve manufacturing efficiencies in industrial environments." 

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