Renesas Releases RX72M Group of Microcontrollers with EtherCAT® Support for Industrial Applications

June 7, 2019 Laura Dolan

Renesas launched the RX72M Group of RX microcontrollers (MCUs) with an EtherCAT® slave controller for industrial Ethernet communication.

They provide a high-performance, single-chip MCU solution with large memory capacities for industrial equipment that demand control and communication functions including compact industrial robots, programmable logic controllers, remote I/O, and industrial gateways.

The RX72M MCUs include:

  • EtherCAT slave controller for industrial Ethernet communication in an RX MCU
  • Functionality with a CoreMark benchmark score of 1396 at up to 240 MHz, and the first embedded double precision floating point unit (FPU) in an RX MCU
  • High-speed flash memory system supporting readout up to 120 MHz
  • Dedicated trigonometric function (sin, cos, arctan and hypot functions) accelerators and register bank save function supporting high-precision motor control implementation
  • Cryptography roles including encryption module and memory protection function in hardware to protect encryption keys
  • Flexible package options including 176-pin LQFP and 176-pin BGA configurations as well as the first 224-pin BGA package for RX MCUs

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