Renesas Electronics Releases USB-C Combo Buck-Boost Battery Charger for Mobile Computing Systems

December 6, 2018 Laura Dolan

TOKYO, Japan – Renesas Electronics Corporation has released the industry’s first USB-C buck-boost battery charger that supports Narrow Voltage Direct Charging (NVDC) and Hybrid Power Buck-Boost (HPBB) charging for notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, and power banks using a dual-purpose USB Type-C connector cable.

The ISL9241 can switch between NVDC and HPBB modes via firmware control and delivers charging, system bus regulation, and protection features using NFETs for highest efficiency and bill of material (BOM) cost optimization.

Key Features of ISL9241 include:

  • Buck-boost NVDC and HPBB charger for 2-, 3-, or 4-cell Li-ion batteries
  • Input voltage range of 3.9V to 23.4V (no dead-zone)
  • System/battery output voltage of 3.9V to 18.304V
  • Bypass mode supports system connection to adapter
  • Adapter current and battery current monitor (AMON/BMON)
  • Supports supplemental power (Intel VMIN active protection)
  • Programmable autonomous charging, and end of charge timer to cease battery charging
  • Integrated 8-bit ADC enables system telemetry: temperature (PCB and junction), adapter current/voltage, battery charge/discharge current, and system bus voltage
  • Compliant with Intel PROCHOT# and PSYS to prevent battery voltage drop, adapter over-current, battery over-current and overheating
  • Allows trickle charging of depleted battery
  • SMBus/I2C allows programming of key parameters to deliver a customized solution
  • Battery ship mode keeps IC in ultra-low power state

“The ISL9241 combo NVDC and HPBB battery charger gives customers the highest level of flexibility along with optimized system performance and maximum efficiency,” said Andrew Cowell, Renesas’ Vice President, Battery & Optical Systems Division. “Mobile computing OEMs count on Renesas to consistently deliver power management innovations that help them differentiate their products with thinner form factors and longer battery life.”

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