Porsche and FogHorn Demo Vehicle Security and Driver Experience Improvements

August 9, 2019 Laura Dolan

FogHorn completed Program 6 of Startup Autobahn when it joined forces with Porsche during the 100-day challenge to generate a secure prototype so drivers can leverage real-time video recognition with multi-factor authentication (MFA) measures to access vehicles.

Porsche intended to improve the driver experience and enhance vehicle security at the Startup Autobahn challenge by making it possible for drivers to enter their vehicles using real-time face detection and infrared video processing at the edge paired with MFA via a device.

Edge computing will help drivers operate their vehicles sans connectivity to the cloud or a network, so a pre-registered driver can have the doors unlock simply by walking toward the car, preventing key fob scanning by car thieves, for example.

“Through Plug and Play's Startup Autobahn, FogHorn developed an innovative way for the automotive industry to leverage video analytics with edge computing to accelerate onboard intelligence,” said FogHorn’s managing director of EMEA, Chad Boulanger. “FogHorn collaborated with Porsche to create a prototype that enabled drivers to easily access their vehicles, while minimizing breach or tampering risks.”

Learn more at www.startup-autobahn.com or www.foghorn.io.

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