Pixon Imaging’s ExDRA helps Cellphone Cameras Take Better Pictures in the Dark

December 7, 2018 Laura Dolan

Poway, CA - Pixon Imaging has introduced its new Extended Dynamic Range Architecture (ExDRA) – a groundbreaking software method that significantly improves low-light-level imaging in cellphone and other CMOS/CCD-based cameras.

It works by using charge binning, combining a full megapixel image of bright objects with a higher-sensitivity binned image of faint objects, all executed simultaneously.  

ExDRA is made up exclusively of software and is ready to be implemented into next generation mobile phone cameras. It can also be used as an app, with little lead time, to operate on existing devices.

“The ExDRA technique captures both the high-resolution and high-sensitivity images simultaneously from a single CMOS/CCD sensor,” said Rick Puetter, Pixon’s Chief Scientist. “This makes it possible to produce images and videos of scenes in low light with exceptional clarity and uniformity.”

For more information, visit http://www.pixonimaging.com/.

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