Peratech’s force sensitive sensor provides more functions for mobile devices

August 31, 2018 Laura Dolan

Peratech has released a new force touch sensor for mobile devices. The distributed force array (DFA) sensor uses Peratech’s proprietary quantum tunnelling composite (QTC) technology to provide a variety of single point sensors that can be used along with a position sensor to measure force and correlate it with position. Peratech supplies the DFA sensors with control electronics and software.

The force array sensors are customizable, cost effective, low power and expose the next-generation in HMI experiences, enabling new gestures, simplified interfaces and continuous flexibility.  

The DFA sensor’s variable input force provides additional capabilities, such as navigating device menus and single-finger touch operations. The DFA sensor also allows for correct haptic feedback when the force reaches a pre-selected activation point, which prevents occurrences of false touch.

The DFA’s proportional force sensing feature can determine the relative amount of forces between presses in multi-touch applications, which can have benefits in improved control, especially in gaming applications.

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