Newark to Distribute Avnet SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway

September 18, 2019 Laura Dolan

Newark is transporting the Avnet SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway that is powered by Raspberry Pi.

The Avnet SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway, supplemented by Avnet’s IoTConnect platform, runs on Microsoft Azure, a complete gathering of edge-to-cloud services that are business-ready for building, deploying, and managing IoT connected resources effectively.  

The Avnet SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway provides connectivity with data intelligence for a myriad of industrial 4.0 applications and includes:

  • additional ports to maintain industrial protocols
  • higher power input range
  • a trusted computing module for comprehensive end-to-end hardware data security
  • a robust wall or DIN rail mountable metal enclosure

Developers will now have the option to deliver their designs to an industrial environment without having to switch platforms while prototyping on a Raspberry Pi device.

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