New TI Burr-Brown Audio ADC Enables Far-Field Voice Capture at 4x Distance

November 8, 2019 Perry Cohen

Texas Instruments introduced a new audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC) capable of capturing clear audio up to four-times farther. The TLV320ADC5140 is a small quad-channel audio ADC. The device is part of a new family of three TI Burr-Brown audio ADCs that enable low-distortion audio recordings in loud environments, along with far-field, high-fidelity recordings in any environment.

The TLV320ADC5140 enables engineers to improve audio capture from across rooms and boost recognition of soft-spoken commands in applications such as high-end smart speakers, sound bars, wireless speakers, high definition TVs, IP network cameras, teleconferencing systems, and smart appliances. The ADC, which joins the portfolio of TI Burr-Brown premium audio devices, including high-performance Class-D amplifiers, data converters and operational amplifiers, can also help engineers save system design costs by reducing the number of microphones in the array.

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