Mirabilis Design Releases VisualSim AI-based Automotive Architecture Exploration Platform

January 9, 2019 Laura Dolan

Sunnyvale, CA. Mirabilis Design has released its Time-Sensitive Networking (IEEE802.1Q) protocol in the VisualSim AI-based Automotive Architecture Exploration Platform.

Its collection of network protocols, electronics, software components, high-performance modeling and simulation platform help automotive networks, Electronic Control Unit and automotive parts (hardware and software) architects manufacture virtual prototypes of their projections, simulate use cases and workloads, and evaluate generated reports.

VisualSim library users include:

  • Network architects who establish router configuration, connectivity of the sensors and ECU and size the network pipes.
  • ECU architects who determine processors, performance hardware-software partitioning and pinpoint system glitches.
  • Parts vendors who gauge software or hardware performance when loaded on an existing ECU and network of the OEM.

The VisualSim Time-Sensitive Networking supports the following protocols:

  1. TSN supports IEEE802.1Qbv- Time Aware Shaping 
  2. TSN supports IEEE8201.Qbu and IEEE 802.3br- Preemption 
  3. TSN supports IEEE 802.1Qca- Path Control and Reservation 
  4. TSN supports IEEE 802.1Qcc- Stream Reservation protocol 
  5. TSN supports IEEE 802.1Qci- Per stream filtering and policing 
  6. TSN supports IEEE 802.1QCB- frame replication and elimination 
  7. TSN supports IEEE 802.1Qch- Cyclic frequency and forwarding 
  8. TSN supports IEEE 802.1AS- Enhanced generic Precision Time Protocol 

“Automotive architects require multiple analytical tools for architecture exploration of their automotive system” said Deepak Shankar, Mirabilis Design’s Founder. “VisualSim provides a single platform to explore all aspects of the automotive architecture at an extremely high-level of accuracy, with validated libraries that are user-customizable. This methodology accelerates model construction for those designing new automotive parts and those enhancing standards.”

For more information, please visit https://www.mirabilisdesign.com/.

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