Micron Launches Highest-Capacity Monolithic Memory for Mobile Applications

August 19, 2019 Laura Dolan

Micron Technology, Inc. revealed high-capacity monolithic 16Gb low-power double data rate 4X (LPDDR4X) DRAM, providing up to 16GB1 of low-power DRAM (LPDRAM) in a single smartphone.

Micron LPDDR4X also comes in a UFS-based multichip package (uMCP4) conducive for mobile device manufacturers wanting to consume up to 10 percent less power and for anticipated 5G mobile technology that will demand a memory subsystem that supports higher data rates and real-time data processing to improve mobile devices.

Micron LPDDR4X memory solutions are available in eight different formats of UFS-based multichip packages (uMCP4), varying from 64GB+3GB to 256GB+8GB.

“Data-intensive mobile applications are driving the growth in consumer demand for high-capacity memory and storage — not just in flagship smartphones but also in mid- to high-end mobile devices,” said Micron Technology’s senior vice president and general manager of the Mobile Business Unit, Dr. Raj Talluri. “The new 16Gb LPDDR4X is designed to meet the needs of today’s data-hungry applications while ensuring the ability to meet future needs of advanced artificial intelligence processing at the edge and high-bandwidth 5G applications.”

For more information, visit micron.com.

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