Microchip’s SAR ADCs Enable High-Speed and High-Resolution Analog-to-Digital Conversion in Harsh Environments

March 7, 2019 Katelyn Albani

CHANDLER, AZ. Microchip Technology Inc. just announced 12 new Successive Approximation Register Analog-to-Digital Converters along with a companion differential amplifier designed specifically for the new portfolio of SAR ADCs.

These devices support a wide digital I/O interface voltage range, which allows it to interface with most host devices. The MCP331x1(D)-xx family contains both single-ended and differential input voltage measurement options. The AEC-Q100-qualified family provides reliable performance across harsh environments.

Microchip’s MCP6D11 differential amplifier is designed specifically to address this challenge, providing a low-distortion and high-accuracy interface to properly drive the ADC.

“The ADC market and applications are pushing toward higher resolution, higher speed and higher accuracy,” said Microchip’s vice president of mixed-signal and linear business unit, Bryan J. Liddiard. “In addition, lower power consumption and smaller packaging are also tremendously important, and these products address all these demands.”

For more information, please visit https://www.microchip.com/.

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