Microchip’s New DSC Improves DSP Performance for Time-Sensitive Purposes

September 27, 2018 Laura Dolan

Microchip Technology presents a new 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers System for designers looking for digital signal processing power with the simplicity of a microcontroller, providing almost double the performance of previous single-core dsPIC DSCs.  

Users can expect the new dsPIC33CK DSCs to include expanded context selected registers for reducing interrupt latency and new, faster instruction execution to speed up DSP functions. This dsPIC33CK single-core family counters the newly released dsPIC33CH dual-core family based on the same core.

It can control many sensorless, brushless motors running field-oriented control algorithms and power factor correction while also satisfying safety certification required by many automotive, medical and appliance applications where safe operation and shutdown in failure situations are critical.

The devices include integrated functional safety features such as:

  • RAM Built-In Self-Test (BIST) for observing RAM strength and functionality
  • Deadman Timer for monitoring the health of application software through periodic timer interrupts within a specified timing window
  • Dual Watchdog Timers (WDT)
  • Flash Error Correction Code (ECC)
  • Brown Out Reset (BOR)
  • Power On Reset (POR)
  • Fail Safe Clock Monitor (FSCM)

For more information, visit www.microchip.com.

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