Litmus Automation Integrates Off-the-Shelf Analytics Functions in LoopEdge IoT Edge Computing Platform

November 25, 2019 Brandon Lewis

Litmus Automation has launched “Ready Analytics” for its LoopEdge Industrial IoT Edge Computing Platform. Ready Analytics is a purpose-built analytics dashboard that reduces setup and configuration time for a variety of industrial analytics functions, such as:

  • Time-Series Data Analysis for monitoring the average, maximum/minimum, and summation of inputs over time.
  • Live Data Feeds to Machine Learning Models that accelerate the training of high-accuracy outputs for anomaly detection, prediction, etc.
  • Ready-to-go KPIs that measure asset utilization, equipment uptime/downtime, cycle time ratio, compliance, etc.
  • Special Functions for statistical anomaly detection, prediction, and mathematical expression. 

The LoopEdge solution can scale across horizontal implementations such as general plant monitoring as well as vertical integrations such as CNC monitoring. Once LoopEdge is installed, users can apply the aforementioned Ready Analytics functions to data as soon as it is collected and normalized, then integrate and visualize the results in on-premise or cloud-based platforms.

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