LASER COMPONENTS Wins "Best of Sensors" 2019 Award at Sensors Expo

July 23, 2019 Alix Paultre

LASER COMPONENTS has been named a “Best of Sensors” 2019 Award winner in the Automotive/Autonomous category, with their QuickSwitch Pulsed Laser Diode (PLD). Based on a proprietary compact hybrid configuration integrating a 905 nm laser diode, switch, and capacitor inside a TO56 metal housing, QuickSwitch can generate in one second up to 200,000 laser pulses with a typical duration of 2.5 ns. This enables faster data collection and higher resolution in laser-based distance measurement (LiDAR) applications.

“Our engineers’ innovative approach to minimize the inductance loop and to optimize the circuit layout for driving PLDs with fast rise times and short pulses is setting us apart from conventional designs,” said Matt Robinson, Sales Director of LASER COMPONENTS USA. “We are honored to receive this award in recognition of their dedication to deliver a unique product that meets current and future market needs.” This is the second award for LASER COMPONENTS’ QuickSwitch PLD in recent months. A previous recognition includes the Autonomous Vehicle Technology ACES Award in December 2018.

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