Kathrein Solutions Aids Process Automation with Precise Real-Time Localization

February 21, 2019 Alix Paultre

Kathrein Solutions released the RTLS system, which combines the exact position of an event in real time with a unique identification. The system consists of the mobile transponder, the permanently installed nodes, and the CrossTalk IoT software.

Using Ultra-Wideband technology, the solution has a localization accuracy of 10 cm, even in difficult, reflective environments. The robust, compact housing design of the transponder and an adapter mounting system that can be dynamically changed enable fixed or temporary mounting on vehicles or material container trolleys. A UHF RFID tag and an NFC RFID tag, which are connected to the microcontroller, have been integrated into the transponder.

The system is PoE-compatible, but the nodes also have an optional 2.4 GHz radio network for data transfer, so only about 25 percent of the required nodes have to be powered, with the distance between individual nodes up to 80 meters.

For more information, visit www.kathrein-solutions.com.

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