Intel, congatec, and Real-Time Systems Create Industrial-Grade Application Server Platform

March 25, 2019 Alix Paultre

Intel, congatec and Real-Time Systems unveiled an industrial-grade application server platform for multiple real-time industrial controls. With its extremely fast deterministic behavior on up to six cores, the COM Express Type 6 based Intel Xeon E2 industrial application server platform is capable to take over the control of multiple real-time and non-real time tasks including smart vision, AI, and robotics control, among others.

The application-ready, real multitasking capable industrial control platform utilizes the RTS Hypervisor from Real-Time Systems and targets applications that have to tackle multiple tasks in parallel, including situational awareness utilizing deep learning-based AI algorithms. All virtual machines are individually partitionable via the real-time hypervisor software from Real-Time Systems, providing perfectly tailored resources for the manifold real-time and non-real time tasks of next generation robotics, machinery and industrial controls integrated on one single industrial-grade application server platform.

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