Innodisk Introduces Next-Generation NAND Flash

October 31, 2018 Laura Dolan

Innodisk launched its industrial-grade 3D NAND SSD series, satisfying the strictest criteria of embedded and industrial applications.

3D NAND will potentially be the most prevailing NAND flash technology in terms of enhanced performance and capacity with the Innodisk 3D NAND solid state drive (SSD) series having a more sturdy design to fulfill industrial market requirements.

The series consists of the DRAM-less 3TE7 and the 3TG6-P with integrated DRAM using a Marvell controller, available up to 1TB and 2TB, respectively. In an effort to protect them against unstable power conditions, they can both be fitted with Innodisk’s iCell™, iPower Guard™ and iData Guard™.

End-to-End Power Path Protection will warrant the 3D NAND SSDs error correction whenever data are transferred to the host and within the drives themselves. For more sensitive data, in-house designed software is encrypted with AES for improved execution and management.

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