Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust M Improves Security and Performance in Cloud Applications

August 22, 2019 Alix Paultre

Hardware-based trust anchors are key for connected applications and smart services, whether for a robotic arm in the smart factory or automated air conditioning in a private home. The OPTIGA Trust M solution from Infineon Technologies helps enhance device security while also improving overall system performance. The single-chip solution securely stores unique device credentials, and enables devices to connect to the cloud up to 10 times faster than software-only alternatives.

Zero-touch provisioning of devices to the network or cloud is gaining traction, and when deploying OPTIGA Trust M, critical assets such as certificates and key pairs used to identify a device can be injected into the chip at Infineon’s secured factory premises. The turnkey set-up minimizes design, integration, and deployment effort of embedded systems by providing a cryptographic toolbox, protected I2C interface, and open-source code on GitHub.

Certified to CC EAL6+ (high) with advanced asymmetric cryptography, the solution has a lifetime of 20 years and can be securely updated in the field. The OPTIGA family combines hardware security controllers with software in order to increase the overall security of embedded systems, including IoT end nodes, edge gateways and cloud servers. The solutions range from basic device authentication to Java card-based programmable components, with extensive use case support and trusted platform modules.

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