Helix Semiconductors and Murata Manufacturing produce new MxC 300 AC-DC Power ICs

August 28, 2018 Laura Dolan

Helix Semiconductors announced Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as the first to co-develop the new MxC 300 transformerless chipset for their AC-DC converter modules. It is a two-chip solution that offers the highest power density in the industry – up to 20x higher than transformer-based solutions – for 65W transformerless AC-DC power supply products.

The new MxC 300 chipset enables the replacement of traditional transformers by using switching capacitors for power conversion, and by transferring power across a capacitive isolation barrier. As a result, AC-DC power supplies can realize up to a 20x power density improvement over traditional transformer-based architectures – with average efficiencies greater than 94 percent.

“In Helix Semiconductors, we have found a technology partner that we truly see eye to eye with,” said Tatsuo Bizen, director of Murata’s power modules division. “Helix’s core value proposition of efficiency, maximum power density and scalability very closely aligns with our own design approach. Eventually, these core elements will be extended to all electronics and forever change the way power is delivered. The technology that Helix provides truly sets us apart from competitors, and we see Helix as an important part of our continued technology leadership and innovation.”

Please visit www.helixsemiconductors.com for more information.

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