HCC Embedded Joins Forces with Adesto to Support Adesto’s FusionHD NVMs

August 14, 2019 Laura Dolan

HCC Embedded’s collaboration with Adesto Technologies Corporation will sustain the new Adesto FusionHD serial flash technology, leveraging the distinct features of FusionHD devices to enhance functionality and data retention, reliability, and battery life of smart IoT devices. 

Adesto’s FusionHD non-volatile memories (NVMs) cater to next-generation consumer and industrial IoT edge devices by providing system-level returns to long-life industrial IoT tools including sensors, meters and other edge devices and controllers.

FusionHD NVMs’ extended battery life and voltage range assist in prolonging devices that are deployed in remote or inaccessible locations. 

Adesto’s FusionHD NVMs applications involve industrial, medical monitoring, smart metering, home automation, and consumer electronics. As a result, HCC employs four embedded file system products:

  • SafeFLASH, an efficient flash file system
  • TINY flash file system for resource constrained environments
  • SMFS optimized for metering or data-logging type applications
  • SafeFTL flash translation layer, a reliable management layer for FAT-compatible file systems

“For nearly 20 years, HCC’s flash management expertise has helped customers get the best performance out of their latest technologies,” said HCC Embedded’s CEO, Dave Hughes. “The Adesto FusionHD technology has made significant technical improvements in serial flash technology. HCC capitalizes on its new features to further improve all aspects of the file systems – from build cost to reliability and battery life – compared to more traditional serial flash solutions available today.”

Learn more at https://www.hcc-embedded.com/file-systems.

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