Harwin Expands its Adaptable Board-Level Shielding Options

December 18, 2019 Alix Paultre

Harwin introduced three additional shielding cans, supplied in a tape-and-reel format, that increase the company’s existing range of EMC products. The added can dimensions are 10mm x 10mm, 15mm x 10mm, and 30mm x 10mm, all with a 3mm profile height and 0.15mm material thickness.

Each can is made from a single piece of un-plated Nickel Silver alloy, with a simple 5-sided shape. These cost-effective items are simple to fit onto a board, with the use of Harwin’s SMT shield can clips. Secondary soldering operations are eliminated, as these clips are soldered at the same time as the rest of the items populating the PCB. The risk of damaging sensitive circuitry through exposure to extreme heat during hand soldering is avoided.

The removable cans also provide easy access to the devices and circuitry underneath, when rework, maintenance or component replacement is necessary, as the cans may be unplugged and re-inserted as required. Inconvenient de-soldering and solder clean-up is all removed from the rework process required by other EMC can styles. With the additions, the Harwin EMI/RFI shielding range covers 10mm square to 50mm x 25mm sizes, with heights from 2.5mm to 5mm and material thicknesses from 0.15mm to 0.30mm. 


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