Good Stuff Department Releases Lattice ECP5 FPGA & VexRiscv-based Orange Crab Development Kit

July 30, 2020 Brandon Lewis

The Good Stuff Department’s (GsD’s) open-source Orange Crab development board, which features a Lattice Semiconductor ECP5 FPGA and 32-bit VexRiscv RISC-V soft core from Spinal HDL, is now available from GroupGets. The Orange Crab is a crowd-funded platform designed to Adafruit’s 50.8 mm x 22.9 mm Feather board specification, and supports all open-source toolchains.

The Orange Crab features 1 GB of on-board DDR3 memory. A direct connection from the micro-USB port to the FPGA and a pre-loaded DFU bootloader enable direct firmware upgrades to the device. The connection also allows the Orange Crab to function in communications device class (CDC), mass storage class (MSC), or composite device modes.

The Orange Crab costs $129, and can be purchased from

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