Flexxon Releases WORM SD & MicroSD Card

July 30, 2020 Perry Cohen

Flexxon released the Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) flash memory storage from the X-PHY series.

The X-PHY WORM is a tamper-proof mechanism that provides data integrity for all sectors, according to the company. Information cannot be modified or removed once it's written into it, however it can be read as needed. Further, there is no software installation criteria – it works as a plug-and-play.

Key features of Flexxon WORM SD and Micro SD Card, per a company release:

  • The X-PHY WORM Card by Flexxon is compatible with any device that has an SD or MicroSD card slot. It is built with the following features to enhance the security with a stable storage solution:
  • Irreversible Data: The Default WORM Mode eliminates the threat of data deletion, modification or superimposition.
  • Forbid Fraudulent Activity: WORM enables default Write Protection Mode and automatically triggers to WORM Function mode to prohibit illegal action towards data.
  • Real-Time Application: The video and audio recordings are protected since the real-time application by WORM cannot let anyone alter or erase it.
  • Parallel Writing: WORM permits writing multiple files at the same time unlike old media such as CD or DVD which only enables single data transfer 
  • Error Reporting: Data integrity is assured by sending a Prompt Error Notification to the user right after the application halts by Abort Illegal Write feature of WORM.
  • Enduring Reliability: WORM avoids read-distribution errors, reduces the chance of uncorrectable errors and enhances data reliability.

For more information, visit www.flexxon.com.

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