FADU's BRAVO XL Low-Latency SSD Serves IO-Intensive Applications

August 16, 2019 Alix Paultre

FADU Technology released the BRAVO XL SSD, optimized for low latency and high performance for IO-intensive applications. The BRAVO XL is designed around FADU’s Annapurna NVMe/PCIe Gen 3.1 Flash memory controller for low power consumption, high performance, and reliability. The SSD is available in an M.2 or U.2 (7mm) design with 400GB or 800GB capacities using Toshiba’s 3D BICS3 XL-Flash NAND memory.

“With our breakthrough BRAVO XL SSD, we expect to contribute significantly to the market introductions of next-generation computing systems, enabling efficiency and stellar performance,” said Jihyo Lee, FADU CEO and co-founder. “We will continue to develop next-generation XL SSDs with higher density and greater product competitiveness, to lead the industry in accelerating the growth of premium SSDs.” The BRAVO XL SSD will be available with the Annapurna controller, SSD design, and customized firmware, or as a private-labeled NVMe SSD with consigned Toshiba XL-FLASH.

Learn more at www.fadu.io.  

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