EPC Expands 100 V eGaN FET Family for 48 V DC-DC Conversion

April 9, 2019 Alix Paultre

Efficient Power Conversion introduced the EPC2053 (3.8 mΩ, 100 V) eGaN FET, which joins the EPC2045 (7 mΩ, 100 V), EPC2052 (13.5 mΩ, 100 V) and EPC2051 (25 mΩ, 100 V) to serve the increasing demands of 48V server and automotive, as well as 54V data center applications. Other applications for the 100V family include single-stage 48V to load open rack server architectures, USB-C, precision motor drives, LED lighting, and lidar. 

Achieving as high as 97 percent efficiency, two reference designs and five demonstration boards for 100V eGaN FETs include the EPC9138 demonstration board, with a 400kHz switching frequency, 48Vin, 15A output current, and a buck converter with the 100 V EPC2053. The EPC9141 demonstration board is a 400kHz switching frequency, 48Vin, 10A output current, buck converter featuring the 100 V EPC2045. 

Also offered are standard half-bridge development boards. The EPC9093 supports the EPC2053, the EPC9078 and EPC9205 support the EPC2045, the EPC9092 supports the EPC2052 and the EPC9091 supports the EPC2051.  

For more information, visit www.epc-co.com.

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