Eaton Unveils a Line of High Current Power Inductors

August 15, 2019 Alix Paultre

Eaton launched its automotive-grade HCM1AV2 family of high-current power inductors designed to address increased power conversion and filtering requirements in the transportation market. The HCM1AV2 is tested beyond AEC-Q200 Grade 1 requirements for added reliability and confidence desired by most automotive engineers.

Robust molded construction protects the HCM1AV2 under high vibration and shock conditions, offering 10 standard inductor sizes in PCB footprints from 4 mm to 22 mm. Features include a current capability of up to 100 Amps, a lower DCR, low EMI, high voltage isolation, lower core loss, soft saturation (roll-off), and performance stability across the operating temperature range.

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