Distrelec to Stock Bourns TBU High-Speed Protectors in Europe

July 24, 2019 Alix Paultre

Distrelec is among the first to stock the TBU High-Speed Protectors from Bourns. The technology is designed to protect against faults caused by short-circuits, overvoltage transients, and faults in battery cells. Features include circuit and overcurrent protection, the ability to block surges up to rated voltage limits, and RoHS compliance.

According to Eszter Sipőcz, e-Commerce Distribution Manager EMEA at Bourns, “TBU High-Speed Protectors can be used for a range of applications suited to the project requirements, including factory automation, exposed sense and data lines, protection modules and dongles, process control equipment, and test and measurement equipment.”

Steve Herd, Head of Customer Proposition and Product Management at Distrelec, added “Bourns has had a particularly notable impact across all modern industries and particularly shines in the automation and IoT connectivity sectors. As one of the first to market with their new TBU High-Speed Protectors, we can ensure our customer network has access to the solutions they need, helping them to complete their projects efficiently and on time.”

Learn more at www.distrelec.com.

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