Digi International Launches Digi AnywhereUSB Plus Hubs

May 1, 2019 Laura Dolan

HOPKINS, MN. Digi International released the Digi AnywhereUSB Plus products that are available with 2, 8, or 24 USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectors and are ready for 5G. Applicable purposes include kiosks, logistics tracking, restaurant kitchens, manufacturing lines, and software license key fob management.  

Digi grants applications the flexibility to connect to USB devices sans a physical connection, disconnection, or relocating equipment. The 8- and 24- port versions provide hardware support for the distribution of Digi’s suite of CORE Plug-In LTE modems in the future.

Digi AnywhereUSB Plus products include built-in Digi TrustFence security framework and Digi Remote Manager (DRM) and eventually, the 8- and 24- port models’ software upgrades will support Digi’s CORE LTE Cellular modules and Wi-Fi.

“USB connectivity has become a real point of interest for organizations operating kiosks, ATMs and manufacturing lines, among other applications, and we’ve designed the Digi AnywhereUSB Plus to meet the specific needs of those,” said Digi International’s Product VP, Scott Nelson. “We believe we’re at the forefront of the industry in providing the best, most scalable devices in this space – including in a future that relies on cellular standards.” 

Learn more at www.digi.com.

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