Dev Kit Weekly Special Edition: UDOO x86 Ultra at Sensors Expo/Embedded Technologies Conference 2019

June 26, 2019 Brandon Lewis

This mid-week edition of the Dev Kit Weekly showcases the UDOO x86 (ULTRA) board, which will be given away to raffle participants who are on site at the 2019 Sensors Expo and Embedded Technologies Conference.
The UDOO x86 Ultra is one of very few Intel-based development kits available to the embedded engineering market, and showcases a 2.56 GHz Pentium processor with Intel HD Graphics 405 – featuring 16 execution units.
This kit in particular features an enclosure, but within it are interfaces to all sorts of multimedia-centric ports, particularly display interfaces that pair with the Pentium to drive multiple simultaneous displays in applications like digital signage. Ethernet and wireless slots also allow you to interface this gateway-class device with the rest of the world.
But, just as important, the platform provides Arduino-compatible pins that allow users to add any shields or expansion boards to the UDOO that they'd like for novel use cases.
Of course, you can learn more about the Ultra (and other UDOO boards) at, where it you can get this board and a similar enclosure for around $340. But if you're at Sensors Expo/Embedded Technologies Conference 2019, you can stop by booth 2023 to enter to win this particular kit for free.
No form this time, sorry for the psych out! We'll have another kit under the normal format later in the week!
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