CodeMeter Licensing Power Facilitating Access to the Future of Mobility Driven by Vector

September 16, 2019 Wibu-Systems

Wibu-Systems, a security technology leader in the global software licensing market, and its SAP integration partner Informatics Holdings have implemented CodeMeter, a world-leading software protection and licensing solution, for Vector, a premier independent producer of software tools and embedded components for the automotive industry. Wibu-Systems' flagship CodeMeter licensing, protection, and security technology enables Vector to protect and shield its invaluable IP and offer its customers prompt and easy access to innovative new products and features.

As a leader in the development of advanced technologies for electric car charging, automotive safety and security, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, and the AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) adaptive platform, Vector sells thousands of product licenses annually across a wide variety of industries, each with its unique licensing preferences and requirements. Furthermore, Vector's embedded software products are designed to run across multiple development platforms, architectures, and operating systems.

Vector faced the challenge of protecting its proprietary technology from piracy and securely distributing licenses to its customers in their format of choice. Vector wanted the solution to offer a lean delivery model that integrated smoothly with its existing SAP production landscape.

At the heart of the solution proposed by Wibu-Systems stands CodeMeter License Central, the cloud-based platform for creating, delivering, and managing licenses. CodeMeter License Central was fully integrated with Vector's SAP system by Wibu-Systems' dedicated partner Informatics, an SAP center of excellence based in Austria. With CodeMeter fully integrated, Vector can now manage its licenses centrally from the comfort of the CodeMeter License Central dashboard, boosting the performance of support and sales processes.

Depending on the customer's needs, licenses (CmActLicenses) can be bound to Vector's unique Virtual Network Interfaces (VNIs) using Wibu-Systems SmartBind® technology or contained in hardware dongles (CmDongles) for added security and mobility.

Peter Decker, Product Manager at Vector commented: "In our collaboration with Wibu-Systems and Informatics, we immediately saw that we were working with a premier team, equipped with just the SAP and CodeMeter know-how we needed. The experience they contributed allowed us to find effective and immediate solutions to our very specific requirements."

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, added: "Vector's development and delivery of such highly complex solutions for so many specific use cases represented an interesting challenge for us. The flexibility of our CodeMeter licensing, protection, and security platform enabled a win-win solution for Vector and their customers: Vector can safeguard its priceless expertise, and the users of Vector's products can easily buy or upgrade licenses in the field and choose the license container that best fits their specific needs, be it a tough, but easy-to-use dongle or a software container bound to Vector's proprietary system."

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