CANopen Electronic Data Sheet Specification Extended

August 27, 2019 Alix Paultre

CANopen is standardized in EN 50325-4, and for many years, the CiA 306 electronic data sheets were used, which describe the CANopen device interface functions by means of a standardized text file. In order to use it also for CANopen Safety standardized in EN 50325-5, the recently released CiA 306-1 specification introduces functional safety attributes.

CiA 306-2 specifies an Excel-based database format for CANopen device profiles. A specific profile description can be used to test a dedicated EDS on conformity. Part 3 of the CiA 306 series describes the network variable handling and the tool integration. Originally, some contents of this document were part of the CiA 405 CANopen programmable logic controller specification. The updated version introduces reference designators for the purpose of tool integration. This is especially important for internet-based remote configuration and diagnostics.

In addition, the CiA association released updated versions of the CANopen profiles CiA 406 and CiA 461. CANopen is internationally standardized in EN 50325-5. This European standard specifies the CANopen application layer and communication profile. The updated CiA 406 specification provides improvements regarding the CRC polynomial for CANopen Safety encoders.

Additionally, some parameters for functional safety have been introduced. The Annex C provides examples for CANopen Safety configuration handling. CANopen Safety is standardized in EN 50325-5 (formerly CiA 304). The CiA 461 series specifies the CANopen interfaces of weighing devices. Part 1 (PDO specification) and part 2 (load cells) originally published in 2015 have been updated marginally.

Part 3 specifies the CANopen interface for scales. This includes the process data and the mapping into PDOs as well as configuration parameters. Part 4 provides the device profile for weighing displays and indicators. It specifies the process data and configuration parameters. Additionally, it describes the PDO communication and mapping parameters.

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