Bridgetek Begins Production of PanL Smart Living Integrated Home Automation Solution

November 25, 2019 Brandon Lewis

Bridgetek has announced the production release of the PanL Smart Living (PSL) solution. PSL is a building automation platform that integrates 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Z-Wave, Zigbee, 433 MHz RF, DALI, DMX512, IRDA, and proprietary communications technologies such as Hue to consolidate the control of lighting, HVAC, appliance, and other smart building applications into a single system.

The PSL platform is compatible with smart home technologies from Philips, Heimann, OSRAM, Daikin, iHorn, EuChips, DMX, Somfy, NYCE, and others. This interoperability allows users to easily define event-based triggers so that blinds close after dark or HVAC systems are initiated when lights are turned on/off.

PSL provides and intuitive user interface that can be access via wall-mounted touchpanels, a mobile application, or by voice thanks to Alexa integration.

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