Avnet Releases New Wireless Edge Module for Secure IoT Device Connectivity

November 8, 2019 Perry Cohen

Avnet released Avnet Guardian 100, a wireless edge module. The new module adds connectivity to existing equipment. Powered by Microsoft Azure Sphere, Avnet Guardian 100 enables customers to leverage the benefits of IoT to create efficient operations and achieve innovations.

Microsoft’s Azure Sphere promotes secure direct communication with the cloud. This means that data is only transmitted between trusted cloud and device communication partners. Azure Sphere connects hardware, software, and cloud in one solution that meets the requirements of all seven properties of a highly secured IoT device.

In addition to retrofitting devices, Avnet Guardian 100 can be deployed in scenarios where existing connectivity falls short of enterprise-level security requirements. This allows for industries using mission-critical, capital-intense equipment as businesses incorporate IoT solutions to streamline operations and gain insights with real-time analytics and AI.

The module allows enterprises to connect their existing equipment via Ethernet or USB, while dual-band Wi-Fi provides a secure connection to the cloud. Integrations with Avnet’s cloud-based platform, IoTConnect, and a portfolio of pre-built, industry-specific connectivity solutions, allow for quick real-time data insights.

For more information on Avnet Guardian 100, visit Avnet.me/Guardian100. Additional documentation for developers can be found on the element14 community page for Guardian 100: http://Avnet.me/mt3620-Guardian


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