Avnet Releases New RFSoC Development Kit for mmWave

October 8, 2020 Perry Cohen

Avnet announced the release of the Avnet mmWave Radio Development Kit for Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen-3.

The kit allows architects to venture within the entire signal chain from the RF in millimeter wave spectrum to digital. This happens with the integration of Xilinx RFSoC Gen-3 for direct-RF sampling at intermediate frequencies up to 6 GHz.

It couples the DTRX2 mmWave Radio daughtercard with the Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC ZCU208 Evaluation Kit from Xilinx. Further, it leverages both MATLAB and Simulink from MathWorks to allow for quick development of wideband mmWave wireless systems.

Additionally, the DTRX2 is a dual-channel transmit/receive mmWave radio platform with the purpose to obtain higher bandwidths and performance.

Technical specifications per a press release include the following:

Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC ZCU208 Evaluation Kit

• Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen 3 ZU48DR on the ZCU208 board
• Full sub-6GHz with extended mmWave and multi-band support
• Integrated direct RF-sampling enabling RF design in the digital domain
• 8x 14-bit resolution 5GSPS RF-ADCs
• 8x 14-bit resolution 10GSPS RF-DACs
• 8x SD-FEC cores
• Lidless package for improved thermal dissipation
• Included CLK104 Module and breakout cards

Otava DTRX2 Millimeter Wave Radio daughtercard for Xilinx ZCU208 Evaluation Kit

• Dual 20-30 GHz TX upconverters to up-convert the I/F signals from Xilinx RFSoC integrated RF-DACs
• Dual 20-30 GHz RX downconverters to down-convert to I/F signals to Xilinx RFSoC integrated RF-ADCs
• 2x LO PLLs comprised of integrated frequency synthesizer and an on-chip VCO
• Digital Step Attenuators (DSA) for gain control via SPI and parallel interfaces
• Digital control to enable/disable each signal chain depending on the TDD mode of operation
• TDD and FDD modes supported with appropriate RF front-end
• Power management section to generate all the necessary voltage rails for the devices on the DTRX2 daughtercard

For more information, visit www.avnet.com/rfsoc-mmw


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