Aucotec Launches Flexible Cloud Model

February 25, 2019 Alix Paultre

Aucotec presented a new cloud model for its cooperative platform Engineering Base, so customers can use the entire license portfolio of the software without hardware installations, administration and maintenance costs. The hosting service is provided in cooperation with the service provider Mod IT Service.

"The new cloud service offers planners completely new engineering flexibility," explains Eike Michel, Director of Research and Development at Aucotec and responsible for the hosting project. "The linearized costs become easier to calculate, and you can start with EB without a lead-in period. Without time-consuming hardware analyses and purchases, without waiting for the software to be implemented into your own IT landscape."

The service is scalable from single user workstations to large cooperation solutions. Teams already working with EB can also "move" to the cloud, e.g. to avoid investing in server upgrades or to efficiently carry out the next scaling step. Under the Bring-Your-Own-License model, all usage agreements, whether single license or token model, are retained and can be customized at any time.

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