Arrange and Evaluate Wiring Harness Diagrams with PREEvision Auto-Layout

November 17, 2020 Tiera Oliver

PREEvision 9.5.4 from Vector allows wiring harness designers and architects to get views on the data they are working on. An intelligent auto-layout algorithm generates diagrams with as few crossing wires as possible.

In the model-based approach of PREEvision, E/E architects and wiring harness engineers work hand-in-hand, using common data: Engineers directly refine the initial description of the electrical distribution system that is developed during the architecture design phase and add further details. Architects can use the final wiring harness design for further architecture decisions. The auto-layout function of PREEvision 9.5.4 now also allows users to create specific views on the model that are relevant for their work.

Architects can keep their eyes on the overall system, while wiring harness designers focus on system parts and component engineers finalize individual single control units. Based on the model data, each user can create their specific views in two steps. Starting from one component, the connected wires, pins, connectors may be automatically aggregated in a new diagram. In the second step, the auto-layout function for wiring diagrams arranges the components and the detailed wiring harness information. In doing this, the algorithm avoids crossings of connections, so that the diagrams are understandable inside and outside the tool, whether on paper or as PDF file.

Besides many further improvements, PREEvision 9.5.4 offers a clear modeling language: It allows fuse and relay box slots in accordance with KBL 2.4 and supports wire types including colors and color combinations, typical requirements in series production. Also, the process support has been enhanced: An extensive product line management facilitates the development and refinement of E/E systems in different levels or stages. Library and reuse concepts as well as a simplified variant management approach support a description of the product(s) being developed.

PREEvision is the tool for model-based electric/electronic development, from architectural design to series production. The Vector software supports architects, network engineers, development engineers, and test engineers over the entire development process. Besides wiring harness development, PREEvision offers comprehensive functions for signal-based and service-oriented architecture development and for requirements management, communication design, design of safety-related systems, AUTOSAR system, and software design.

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