ArcBlock Developer Website Accelerates Forge Blockchain App Framework, OCAP-based Blockchain Development

July 8, 2019 Brandon Lewis

ArcBlock has launched a developer website that enables developers to build, manage, and deploy decentralized blockchain applications based on the Forge Blockchain Application Framework and Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP). The ArcBlock blockchain platform provides the foundation for setting up a local or cloud-based development environment, as well as core concepts for getting started with blockchain technology.

The Forge Framework simplifies the creation of blockchain applications by allowing developers to code in their programming language of choice, including Python, Java, Javascript, and so on. Developer documentation provides explanations, definitions, and examples in key areas such as:

  • Installation 
  • Forge blockchain SDKs
  • Developer Tools 
  • Architecture 
  • Forge RPC, Transactions and more

Meanwhile, the OCAP protocol helps developers access blockchains in a unified way via open APIs and the GraphQL query language, which allow application data to be fetched over a common interface. OCAP documentation is also provided on the ArcBlock website in the following categories:

  • Introduction 
  • Quick Start 
  • Tools 
  • Architecture

Interested parties can get started quickly using the Forge React Starter Kit. For more information on the starter kit and ArcBlock’s Forge Blockchain github repositories, visit

For more on the OCAP protocol, visit 

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