ARBOR’s Super Cap UPS with LoRa Sensor Nodes Have hit the Market

November 27, 2018 Laura Dolan

ARBOR has launched SCP CUBE, a UPS system that uses supercapacitors and goes beyond guaranteeing a sufficient power supply; it also allows customizable editing, data monitoring and data analysis. SCP CUBE is supplemented with LoRa communication technology and sensors that acts as a UPS and an IIoT sensor node.

ARBOR's supercapacitor-based UPS - SCP CUBE provides backup power for a brief period, permitting the system enough time for a standard shutdown, protecting the equipment from hardware and software damage.

The SCP CUBE supplements ARBOR’s in-house-developed LoRa communication module that can collect data from sensor nodes installed on production machinery, including CPU load, temperature, current, voltage and power input, and sends the data to the central gateway. This allows one central gateway to observe data sent from hundreds of sensor nodes and garners an accelerated response to irregularities in the system.

Moreover, SCP CUBE is a modular standalone device that corresponds with different types of production machinery for speedy and efficient IIoT deployment, as collected data can be forwarded to cloud servers via Wi-Fi/3G/4G network connection for more advanced data management and analysis.

"For manufacturers looking to migrate to smart factories, SCP CUBE's innovative design truly enables the connection of everything. Manufacturers will be able to implement all-round IIoT monitoring and control with an extremely cost-effective approach," said Lin Yang-cheng, ARBOR’s associate manager, industry automation division.

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