Aerotech Releases XL4s Linear Amplifier

January 30, 2019 ALIX PAULTRE

Aerotech’s XL4s high-performance voice-coil drive linear amplifier, conducive for closed-loop servo control of voice coil and single-phase motors, eliminates the non-linearities associated with PWM amplifiers and features a multi-core, double-precision, floating-point DSP that operates the digital PID. 

The XL4s includes:

  • an encoder interpolation feature
  • dedicated analog and digital I/O
  • fiber-optic interface
  • separate power connections for motor and control supply voltages

With the XL4s, you can achieve the following:

  • industry-leading settling times
  • long-term thermal stability
  • sub-micron-level tracking accuracy with the following advanced features
    • full state feed-forward
    • 192 kHz servo rates
    • look-ahead-based velocity control

The XL4s provides better tracking errors and accelerated part quality in fast-tool servos, high-dynamic optical focusing axes, and high-speed pick-and-place machines.  

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