Adesto’s FT 6050 Smart Transceiver Natively Supports LonWorks and BACnet Protocols

August 16, 2019 Alix Paultre

Adesto Technologies announced that its FT 6050 Smart Transceiver system-on-chip (SoC) now natively supports LON, LON/IP, BACnet/IP, and BACnet MS/TP protocol stacks. The solution allows BACnet workstations and LON network manager and integrator tools to natively field-configure, provision, and monitor controllers as either LON or BACnet devices, or both.

“Our customers want scalable, interoperable and extensible systems that are extremely simple to install, and they want a uniform management architecture that can share data across networks and also externally to cloud systems. By combining LON and BACnet, two widely deployed open protocols in the industrial IoT, we are giving them exactly that,” said Apurba Pradhan, VP of product management, Adesto.

Enhancements to the FT 6050 include native support for all BACnet features, as well as improvements to the memory architecture to allow for larger, higher fidelity applications, enabling creation of extensive systems. The FT 6050 is supported by integrated open system products including SmartServer IoT’s BACnet and LON router and network managers, IzoT Net Server, and the IzoT Commissioning Tool.

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